Thank Goodness For Minute Chicken & Rice

One night last week I got home from work late and only had a short amount of time before we’d have guests arriving for small group.  I had some chicken thawed in the fridge and a husband who was willing (perhaps not eagerly so, but still willing) to cut it up for me before I arrived home.  He also picked up the house a bit for me, too, so he definitely earned bonus points.  But that’s off topic.  Anyway, I came home & had to figure out if I had enough time to cook up the Honey Chicken Stir-Fry I’d planned and soon came to the conclusion that I did not have time to do so.  Before I burst into tears, I decided to try to think of something else that I did have time to make with this chicken.  And I came to the conclusion that Minute Chicken & Rice would fit the bill perfectly, which it did.  It may not be the most nutritious (Minute Rice is the high fructose corn syrup of rice, I know), but it was filling, delicious and works great in a pinch.  And if you don’t have it for dinner every night of the week (just in a pinch!) then you’re probably doing okay.  Plus, I always have the ingredients on hand.  So here’s my recipe for this lifesaver of a meal.
Minute Chicken & Rice
2 – 4 chicken breasts, trimmed & cut into cubes
2 C Minute Rice
1 C water
1 can cream soup (I prefer cream of chicken but any will do)
1 T oil or oil spray such as Pam
Spray large skillet with Pam or heat oil in skillet over medium heat.  When hot, add chicken and sauté until no pink is visible.  Add soup & water; stir til mixed well & bring to a boil.  Stir in rice & cover; simmer for 5 minutes or til rice is soft. 
Add a veggie for a side and you’ve got dinner, my friends!

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